Talking Innovation at Café numerique de Lubumbashi

He said, Innovation  should have a purpose, and that should promote  competitiveness country-wide, especially given our  economic and social context!

To be meaningful, competitiveness should be tailored to local context and that is innovating to maintain the current growth economic performance sitting at 6-7 % (2016), on of the top most growth in the world.

However this make more sense when overlooked at the African and emerging world scale as the position are fast changing. “The innovate or perish ” is more dramatic for us as if we don’t do that it might mean more anger, more death due to health challenges or conflicts. We need to seek how others are performing and not just rely on our current performance, this is the meaning of competition indeed.To cope with that, it is key to find out a meaning that fit us and that we can understand and draw unparalleled value proposition from it.

And digital technology are critical instrument these days to drastically innovate! The good thing from them is that they leverage capacity everyone to go global and require cheap Infrastructure as compared to other technological fields.

In summary,

4 things was important in finding the right definition for the local context:

  1. Anyone can innovate, it’s not anymore about R&D and rocket scientists only
  2. At fit for purpose Knowledge Infrastructure
  3. Committed and skilled youth with global Mindset
  4. Education for quality and performance, STEM play a role


Subject : What’s the Meaning of innovation in Lubumbashi?

Place :Centre Arupe , Lubumbashi

Year : April 2016


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Date published

13 February 2018