Youth Lab

Building talent capacity


Youth needs a platform that match their needs. This platform provides an entry stage innovation platform for capacity building along Technology, Culture,Education,social innovation in a practical way and help them transition from passion to expertise .The platform is a set of coached innovation cells where young people design, lead or get exposed to small scale projects to help them develop either as hub managers or entrepreneurs and the context .The cells programmes focus on specialised themes covered by co-working, maker spaces and thinkathons activities with an accent on personal and leadership development of the youth.

The A360 is an IOT division comprising an automation maker space (A360) that aims to utilize Internet of things and 3D printing to design and fabricate intelligent prototypes and/or product models. It also comprises a networking subset(n360) focused on designing and implementing experimental IOT infrastructure for home automation and the like.
The project is led by Pascal Lukunku and Felix nyembo.

Lubumbashi verte, usually called Lubverte, is an active community young lovers of nature who believe and advocate the conservation of the nature by designing small to medium green spaces, planting flowers and trees and communicating about climate change challenges through medias and Yali Learn events. Lubverte is empowered by the CIL in using technological instrument such as Internet of things skills to implement DIY green projects such as weather stations , plastic recycling factory to complement the communication endeviour and engage the youth in a more tangible, practical and effective way.
Lubverte want to be a model of eco-responsible innovation community and has been initiated by Adoni Mutombo, a young student, with the support of the centre d'innovation de Lubumbashi, Les Amis de la Nature and N'Art Design.

Young entrepreneurs club focuses on seizing opportunities, bench-marking, sharing knowledge,resources and information about startups projects ,funding schemes, such as competitions (local, regional, global) , call for projects and many others through co-creation and coworking model.The club includes idea prototyping activities through networking, project charter & business model design , pitch performance activities front of the members' community so as to practice and fine tune the ideas.

All for social Innovation (All4SI), is a mutual project by the Centre d'innovation de Lubumbashi and All for social justice , a hub advocating no violence and pacific approach to conflict resolution and social justice . The aim of the project is to provide the young people , specially the homeless, kids working into the mines, the most exposed to conflicts, entrepreneurship skills and technology literacy to support their positive insertion into the society at equal chance as others and break up the violence cycle. They are young , they have the energy as any youth but they need inspiration and skills relevant to the society. All4SI complement this through recycling and electronics Maker spaces with special focus on cash generating hands-on skills and co-working.