Training Hub

Bridging skills gaps for competitiveness

Training HUB

At the training hub we provide a large range of ICT,Internet of things and big data analytics for any discipline candidate, english trainings, communication skills and capacity building workshops.The workshop program includes short terms topics such as digital marketing, understanding innovation, managing technological innovation, co-creative approaches, roles and management of Innovation hubs,project management and Startup lifecycle,leadership and others personnal developement courses.

Cisco networking academy

This program covers all essentials to cover digital, computer repairs, networking and Internet, security,coding,Linux, Internet of things and business skills to emerge as a well equiped technopreneur.

BBC micro Bit academy

Coming soon

English corner E360

The aim of the E360 program is to bridge business langage gaps for the local french speaking innovators and entrepreneurs in order to increase capacity to seize opportunities available in both french and english. The course include tree levels from basic to advanced as well a club to continue practice and learning. As part of Yali network, members of the E360 enrich their activities with Yali Learn events and share knowledge available in the Yali online ressources.

Workshop program

We organise and cover workshops and awareness campaigns on several topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship,project management, sustainable development goals and global challenges.


Digital literacy


Problem solving


Innovation literacy


Business Literacy