Femmes 360

Building talent capacity


The project F360 has been initiated by Regina a board member, to address a number of issues and misconceptions related to innovation, technology
and entrepreneurship in the women sphere as well as in the general public. The project's programme acts as a catalyst for cultural change through below topics:

1-Innovation and entrepreneurship from Women and girls's perspective
2-Change the perception on how technology is used by women in the community and improve the effectiveness of how they use it
3-Make accessible quality information, opportunities and knowledge at affordable price through digital medium


The beauty and branding innovations are corner stone activities that are used as medium for seamless technological integration in daily women practices such as beauty, kitchen, style and so more. Technology is used to tackle traditional concept around product , skills, services by using social media, website or selfy and shooting with Drones , 3D printing (e.g. jewellery) to foster questioning about the potential of creatively using technology in daily life.


Femmes en action : The project femmes en acion is yearly networking event intiated in March 2017 by the F360, BAK Congo (NGO) and F3 project to celebrate actively women through their social and economic performance and develop a network of business and social entrepreneures. The celebrations take place into different formats such as meetups, B2B sessions, Show room, all at the privilege of women performance.

Femmes en Actions 2017

Grand merci à tous ceux qui ont rendu cette soirée une reussite,On ne s'arrete pas là, nous luttons toujours pour l'emancipation, l'epanouissement et l'autonomisation de la femme à travers l'entreprenariat, l'innovation et la formation.Nous disons Bravo a toutes les femmes en action où que vous soyez !!!!!Le Projet Femmes 360 vous accueil à bras ouverts, pour le lancement de la nouvelle session des formations au Centre d'Innovation de Lubumbashi en:-Anglais-L'Innitiation au monde Infrormatique -La Gestion de Projet-L'entrepreunariat Venez et benficeiz d'une reduction de 50% parceque vous etes une femmes et parceque vous le meritez#Femmes360#FemmesenAction

Posted by Femmes360 on Saturday, June 10, 2017


I-Mama & I-Dada are 3-monthly awarness campaigns to educate local women (I-Mama) and school girls (I-Dada) on the meaning , the importance of Internet and safe pratices related to It.The campaign also looks at educating them on how to build their presence online and get immersed into the digital world. The awarness are 3x 45' allowing easy imlementation into schools as a lesson session and for women with busy calendar. This campaign was initialy imagined and proposed by Verlaine Muhungu an active member and cisco instructor at the CIL (cinolu).


PC4GIRLS is a project that consists to collect old computers and/or semi-operational computers, restore them, load open source operating system and applications and sell or bid them at an affordable price $100-150 USD to girls and women. A training session is also organised to provide women with the necessary skills to operate Linux based operating platforms.The funds will finance travels of a team of female members to attend regional or panafrican technology meetups such as Afrilabs annual gathering. Exposure to different and regional technological ecosystems where local women can meet and network with others will benefit from diversity and different perspectives for innovation. The project was imagined by Pascal lukunku, felix and Graica malenga both Members of the CIL to provide additional support to F360 in making available affordable computer hardware for women and girls and foster regional integration of local women.