We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business teams.

Our core business  is to foster the emergence and accelerate growth  of technology driven startups, SME and high potential  initiatives to become sustainable and regionally competitive.

Training Hub

The Training hub aims  to bridge creativity and the general knowledge gap through short terms training’s comprising basics to advanced digital literacy, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.The objective is that students learn about  the general to advanced ICT (including Internet of things,data analytics), electronics, business  skills and apply life cycle project management principles to their innovative projects. “Successful entrepreneurs are not just start-uppers “

Youth Lab

The youth Lab programmes provide youth an entry stage innovation platform for  capacity building along youth  hot spot  such as Technology, Culture,Education,social justice  in the format that fit the Youth needs.The programme  include making, coaching and think thank activities.

Women Lab

The F360 is Women Lab consisting of women centered activities focused on approaching innovation and enterpreneurship from women and girls ‘s perspective. The programmes tackles gender issues and status quo by empowering women with human center design thinking approach and digital entrepreneurship skills  to make change along  the “so called women’s traditional core activities”. Key activities consist of incorporating technology and innovation within beauty and branding sessions, networking,talks and testimonies.

Startup program

Startup compactor comprises  startup , acceleration and incubation services  for Science and technology driven startups within priority sectors such as agriculture, energy, health, financial services

Centres d’excellence

The centres d’excellence are corner stone, specialised  projects leading eclosion of cuting edge technological services and products. These include a Datalab, a fablab and a centre for Innovation and governance excellence.