Supporting social and economic empowerment in the DRC through Technovation

Talents, high potential innovations and startups will not succeed as competitive businesses on the long run if an effective economic support function doesn't exist.

There are skill gaps and  challenges to overcome for local startups  in the DRC to equally compete  with regional  and global actors in the local market. We understand that Innovation and entrepreneurship are key  in fostering competitiveness and addressing faster these gaps and poverty, in particular through a strong and an effective technological governance.We believe that competitiveness needs to be institutionalized and cannot happen to optimally impact the economy without embedding a supportive  framework for Innovation, technology  and entrepreneurship.

The centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi is  a « one stop » innovation hub  designed  for learning’s, collaboration  and  innovation to support the building of  a vibrant  innovation  and startup ecosystem in the DRC.To respond to the above challenge we build knowledge infrastructures and focus support along  below pillars

Training and Inspiration

We provide training's to inspire and stand on solid foundations

Show case and celebration

We promote excellence & celebrate performance through Exhibitions

Design & Making

We provide frameworks to design, make or protytpe ideas

Leadership & Ownership

We don't just support, we run tech projects to advance the community

Co-working and Co-creation

We offer an open community to tap in and work with

Networking & Coaching

Every success count, we provide a room for seniors to interact with new comers

Launching & Validation

We provide support for starting up and geting on the field

Research and advocacy

We strive to support continuous improvement through research and tech governance